Anthony’s penguin is officially a superhero now! Anthony made him a cape out of a tshirt that I cut! He was so proud to show me that he made something out of the scraps of tshirts!   

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He has risen! 

Thank you Jesus for another wonderful Easter! Awesome family time! It was so good to see the family laughing and just getting a long. Sometimes there is just too much drama and it just makes you not want to go to a party. Everyone asked where’s Daeja… Well in all honesty she just didn’t want to go cuz of the drama or the food. The food used to be good until I don’t know they stopped cooking? Who knows. I’m over the drama. I was happy see the kids playing and the big people laughing and sharing stories.  My nieces & nephews are so adorable! #familyfirst #familytime #easter2016 #angel41510