Welcome Home Brooklyn

We just got the newest member of my family! Her name is Brooklyn and she is a four legged English Bulldog! She is the cute little thing ever! We love her so much! She gets a lot of attention for now but I think she is having separation anxiety. She won’t drink her water or come out of her crate for a walk. I feel so bad. I know she still has to get used to us but come out & play Brooklyn we love you! #englishbulldogs #brooklynthebulldawg  


Being a single parent

Being a single parent can be so stressful. Whether you get help from the other parent or not it’s stressful. 

I’ve been a single parent since my 29yr old has been born. I was a teen mom struggling. Then I met my exhusband who was a drug addict, thief and manipulator! I had two kids with him. He was in and out of jail not giving a shit literally! So now that’s all behind him and he’s trying to do better, he’s been pissing me off with my kids and my rules.im sure you all can relate. #parentlife #momlife 

I keep it real!

Be real y’all! Being a single mom is not a pass for y’all to get FREE income! Get off that government shit and make your own damn money! Welfare ain’t the way out! It’s a stepping stone to get you started! To help you GRADUATE from your future career! 

April 1

April 1st time has gone by so fast. 19 days away from my youngest sons birthday. Fourth month of the year. A month before my birthday. This month is when my clothing line gets created. Ideas coming, friendships forming and when loyalty gets tested. Yes only way to go is up and forward.