Friday and so it begins

I called in sick because originally I had no sitter then the inevitable…. My dad had a stroke! So I rushed to the ER that’s 40 minutes away! The things going thru my mind were crazy. I love my dad. I’m Daddy’s Girl. He took very good care of me so of course I will do the same for him. When I arrived just looking at him helpless made my heart sink. After about 15-20 minutes later he woke up and he was speaking but very tired. The one thing that irritated me was HE WASN’T ON THE MONITOR! Geez the man had high blood pressure 200’s/100’s! and it was a stroke alert! For Pete’s sake! Wake up ER staff! Most tests done, all came back negative so now the MRI. While he went the family and I had dinner at the nearby restaurant to watch the NBA Finals Game 3! Warriors vs Cavs. It was a good game! We finished watching at the hospital in which my dad was transferred to med/surg unit for observation of his HTN & DM levels. I finished watching the game in his room with my step mom and then it was time to go. He looked very peaceful when I left. I pray for healing and strength.


At 7yo, Anthony sleeps with the #basketball bounces all around the house, goes to the court to shoot & wakes up with the basketball. #ballislife #basketballneverstops at my house. The #passion he has for basketball runs deep. #angel41510 my future #allstar my #mvp #mylilman