Together or Convenience

Lately I’ve been meeting a lot of men that say they are single yet still living with their ex or a female. I don’t get it. If you’re not with them then why still live with them? Why not have female guest over? Is it out of respect? Is it because it is expensive living in the Bay Area? I’d honestly like to know because I have a male best friend and we can live together and I wouldn’t care if he brought females over. To each its own? Is that a deal breaker for you ladies?

Spring Semester-DONE

FINALLY! I couldn’t be a more happier student. The last three weeks were dragging. My English professor apparently thought it was ok to assign homework after giving an in-class final. The assignment wasn’t easy either. I worked my tail off for a poetry presentation that I received a horrible grade at. Her reason was because I didn’t explicate the poem. Well if she read the first page she would’ve seen it. Anyway, I’m not going to complain anymore. She gave me the grade and I’m gonna live with it. Stats, well I came into that class with anxiety. After the first couple of weeks it was getting easier by the day. The professor was really good and he taught us what we needed to know. I’m happy with my grade in stats. I walk the stage next spring. I’m glad.


Has anyone tried the Advocare Spark? Uh well you better! Just add a scoop or a packet into your bottle of water and you have a flavored energy drink!