Packing House, Anaheim, Ca

In June, I visited Packing House while attending a graduation in Pomona and it’s known as food mall LITERALLY! I wanted to eat at every single merchant but it’s hard when you have kids who are picky eaters and all they want is chicken nuggets, french fries & ice cream. The merchants that I did have the pleasure of eating at was Black Sheep BCG, I am-Smoothie and Shaved Snow, and Mini Monster. If you’re ever going to Disneyland stop by the Packing House. We went at opening and it wasn’t crowded but as the day developed it was getting busy. The Packing House has an outside patio deck with some chairs and tables but it was too hot to be outside. I did notice that they had a heater for the chilly nights. You can’t bring alcohol to the outside patio, I’m sure it has to do with the street being 10ft away. The inside of the Packing House is Instagram ready. Bring your charger in case your phone or camera battery gets low. The bathrooms were pretty clean.

Black Sheep BCG’s #6-Sharp Cheddar and Swiss Cheese
My 8yr old ordered this-plain I know. The other sandwich that we ordered was the #8 swiss, porchetta, harissa garlic aioli, balsamic onion jam not pictured because my teen-ager inhaled it before I can take a picture of it. I was able to get a taste of it and OMG it was very good! Tasty, cheesy and most of all the flavors were popping on my pallet. I would of never ordered it because of the balsamic onion jam but WOW it was delicious and I will definitey be coming back for more!

I am-Smoothies and Shaved Ice This was the reason why we came here. My 8yr old requested visiting. He’s a sweet-tooth connoisseur and I as well but he has a no filter pallet meaning he will spit it out if it’s not to his liking. We had to try the ever so popular Nitrogen Snow Balls. It’s basically rice cereal with nitrogen mixed in so every time you bite into it smoke comes out hence why it’s called “Dragon’s Breath” It was very interesting at first but after a few bites you get addicted because of the smoke as well as the airy cereal. It taste a lot like cheeto puffs but without the cheese. Hmmm what else? Oh don’t leave it on your tongue too long or it will burn and hold it with the sleeve! Enjoy!

Now my favorite place of all merchants was Mini Monster I say this because its boba tea and I love tea! I ordered Monster Cloud with Jasmine Milk Tea in other words cotton candy no boba and the cotton candy added the sweetness to the tea and it was a totally different taste not bad but just perfect sweetness. We also ordered the Thai tea, my boys said it taste better than the local boba shops in the Bay Area. I also ordered all teas in the infamous reusable lightbulb glass for an additional $2.70. It was all worth it!

If you’re not from California you must visit the Packing House in Anaheim (by Disneyland)