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DIY burlap wreath

So I’ve been wanting to create my taste of Christmas wreath but just never gotten around to doing it. After searching for a wreath that was “do able” and EASY I finally found one! 


  • Wired wreath (found at local hobby store or dollar tree) I got mines at Michael’s
  • Burlap
  • And whatever embellishments that interest you. 
  • First you’re going to fold over the burlap into the bottom hole of the wreath, then you’re going to fold again and insert through the second hole of the wreath and repeat for the third hold. When done, you’re going to gather all three and move it to the left then turn the wreath over and twist the burlap and repeat the process again for the entire wreath. After filling the wreath you can add your embellishments and you’re all done.     

Paleo breakfast 

I’ve always been fond of avocados! When I was searching for recipes on  #Pinterest I came across this oh so yummy breakfast meal. BTW breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I searched for Paleo Avocado breakfast and this popped up. 

I preheated my oven at 425• I cut my avocado in half, removed the pit and took some avocado out. I then cracked the egg inside the avocado seasoned with Italian seasoning then sprinkled cheese on top. I baked for about 15-20min. 

And there it was simple, healthy and so yummy!!!!  


Type 2 Diabetes

That’s what he said. “Angelica you have Type 2 Diabetes.” He gave me Metformin to regulate and basically talked about the meds and also what I had to do to prevent it. Exercise & diet… Things I was already doing! Two weeks ago in the emergency room the doc told me I should get a panel of blood work because my current labs shows that I’m borderline diabetic. That freaked me out so once I was discharged I went full force exercising and diet! I weighed in at 203# and went I went to see the dr yesterday I was at 193#! I was happy! My BP was low and I was feeling good. 

#diabetes #fuckdiabetes #doingitformykids

It can kill me

Since I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes I’ve been really watching my food intake. Honestly I’m scared. Scared that I will fail and my kids won’t have anyone. Scared I won’t see my kids graduate or walk down the wedding aisle. With God anything is possible! I will give it to God and God only! He will be the one that will carry me. #fuckdiabetes #godsgotmyback 

I may have musicians

Joe was told by a violinist that he played pretty good. So now he wants to try… (Proud mommy moment) then I asked Anthony what instrument do you want to play and he said “tuba” then I told him “no cuz you’ll fall inside” so he said “percussion” wtf? Who told this 6yo about that noisy instrument?!
#futureviolinist #futurepercussionist #muscians 

The news you dread

Recently I had blood work done since I was sick for the longest for a viral cough. My results came back with DIABETES! My father has diabetes and same as my brother now I have it. I’m scared to pieces! So now I’ve been watching my intake. Basically cutting my sugar and carb intake. I started at 203#s now I’m at 193#s and that’s only been 10days! I can’t stop there… I need to keep going. I will start posting more on my results plus dishes I’ve been making.

My doll always

My daughter and her car. She’s had it for a few months already but we never took a pic. You make me proud lovey! You’re my honeybunch, sugar plumPumpy-umpy-umpkin

You’re my sweetie pie

You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop

Snoogums, boogums, you’re

The apple of my eye
And I love you so

And I want you to know

That I’m always be right here

And I want to sing

Sweet songs to you

Because you are so dear…keep your hustle up, pay your bills, circle small, love God, love your family, and trust no one! Lol I love you Daeja!