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Last day in Chino Hills!

I was sad to say goodbye to Chino Hills, we really enjoyed ourselves! This area is really nice and quiet. We’re actually thinking of making a move out this way but not sure yet. We had to try one last cafe…Rendez-Vouz Cafe in Chino Hills and it was very cozy! I felt like I was at home. The service was exceptional! They had family games tucked under the coffee tables and oodles of books. It’s small but very quaint. We stayed until our game was over. Check out the dishes we got.

I gotta have some ice cream!

Now in Chino Hills, we hit up Afters Ice Cream. What I love about this place is the creativity of flavors and the backdrop they use just for snapping pics of ones ice cream! We had churro in the glazed donut, cookie monster, peachie mango, and almond cookie ice creams! I love all the quotes on the walls and the overall environment!

While in Los Angeles

A few more places we visited…Slapfish in Brea, Ca this place is known for their Chowder Fries. We ordered Albacore Poke Burrito, Fish Taco, Lobster Grinder Sandwich, Chowder Fries, and Lobster Taquito. Oh my my my it was pricey but so worth it. All dishes were very good. The service was great and the bathrooms clean. Plenty of parking and other shops near by.


Jaydalynn is my son’s little sister from his dad’s ex. Confused? Oh well too bad. The last time I saw Jaydalynn was when I brought my son to visit her, she was 4yrs old. That was just before her mom died. At 35 she died of a brain aneurysm. My son was unable to visit her because her grandma kept her from seeing my son. He was 14yo. What harm was that? May she RIP. Her aunt raised her since she was 8yrs old and she did a TERRIFIC job! Jaydalynn and my son are together finally and we were able to witness her graduate. She is a beautiful young lady and I’m glad we are in her life now.

Packing House, Anaheim, Ca

In June, I visited Packing House while attending a graduation in Pomona and it’s known as food mall LITERALLY! I wanted to eat at every single merchant but it’s hard when you have kids who are picky eaters and all they want is chicken nuggets, french fries & ice cream. The merchants that I did have the pleasure of eating at was Black Sheep BCG, I am-Smoothie and Shaved Snow, and Mini Monster. If you’re ever going to Disneyland stop by the Packing House. We went at opening and it wasn’t crowded but as the day developed it was getting busy. The Packing House has an outside patio deck with some chairs and tables but it was too hot to be outside. I did notice that they had a heater for the chilly nights. You can’t bring alcohol to the outside patio, I’m sure it has to do with the street being 10ft away. The inside of the Packing House is Instagram ready. Bring your charger in case your phone or camera battery gets low. The bathrooms were pretty clean.

Black Sheep BCG’s #6-Sharp Cheddar and Swiss Cheese
My 8yr old ordered this-plain I know. The other sandwich that we ordered was the #8 swiss, porchetta, harissa garlic aioli, balsamic onion jam not pictured because my teen-ager inhaled it before I can take a picture of it. I was able to get a taste of it and OMG it was very good! Tasty, cheesy and most of all the flavors were popping on my pallet. I would of never ordered it because of the balsamic onion jam but WOW it was delicious and I will definitey be coming back for more!

I am-Smoothies and Shaved Ice This was the reason why we came here. My 8yr old requested visiting. He’s a sweet-tooth connoisseur and I as well but he has a no filter pallet meaning he will spit it out if it’s not to his liking. We had to try the ever so popular Nitrogen Snow Balls. It’s basically rice cereal with nitrogen mixed in so every time you bite into it smoke comes out hence why it’s called “Dragon’s Breath” It was very interesting at first but after a few bites you get addicted because of the smoke as well as the airy cereal. It taste a lot like cheeto puffs but without the cheese. Hmmm what else? Oh don’t leave it on your tongue too long or it will burn and hold it with the sleeve! Enjoy!

Now my favorite place of all merchants was Mini Monster I say this because its boba tea and I love tea! I ordered Monster Cloud with Jasmine Milk Tea in other words cotton candy no boba and the cotton candy added the sweetness to the tea and it was a totally different taste not bad but just perfect sweetness. We also ordered the Thai tea, my boys said it taste better than the local boba shops in the Bay Area. I also ordered all teas in the infamous reusable lightbulb glass for an additional $2.70. It was all worth it!

If you’re not from California you must visit the Packing House in Anaheim (by Disneyland)

Sharing is caring

In the next few days I’m going to share some of my food adventures I had with my kids while we were in Los Angeles and also share some other irrelevant things to your life but may be relevant sometime in your lifetime.

For the food posts I will share the link of their website or instagram tag so you too can experience their food! We love to eat yet take pics of our food. Enjoy my posts and comment if you can. I’m also a big yelper so what you see on my blog you’ll definitely see on yelp.

Together or Convenience

Lately I’ve been meeting a lot of men that say they are single yet still living with their ex or a female. I don’t get it. If you’re not with them then why still live with them? Why not have female guest over? Is it out of respect? Is it because it is expensive living in the Bay Area? I’d honestly like to know because I have a male best friend and we can live together and I wouldn’t care if he brought females over. To each its own? Is that a deal breaker for you ladies?

Spring Semester-DONE

FINALLY! I couldn’t be a more happier student. The last three weeks were dragging. My English professor apparently thought it was ok to assign homework after giving an in-class final. The assignment wasn’t easy either. I worked my tail off for a poetry presentation that I received a horrible grade at. Her reason was because I didn’t explicate the poem. Well if she read the first page she would’ve seen it. Anyway, I’m not going to complain anymore. She gave me the grade and I’m gonna live with it. Stats, well I came into that class with anxiety. After the first couple of weeks it was getting easier by the day. The professor was really good and he taught us what we needed to know. I’m happy with my grade in stats. I walk the stage next spring. I’m glad.


Has anyone tried the Advocare Spark? Uh well you better! Just add a scoop or a packet into your bottle of water and you have a flavored energy drink!

Good luck…

2017 is going to be a better year. It’ll get better. Rid all the haters and non-believers. Well…it hasn’t gotten any better in fact it’s gotten worse. My only daughter that has been my right hand and 2nd mommy to my boys has made a major turn in her life and it has seriously paralyzed my mind. She has literally drained me. After sharing my experiences with other moms, I finally found peace and I had to do the inevitable…KICK HER OUT! It was hard throwing her out and “acting” like I don’t care but I seriously love my child and do care, but what she has become has broke me. She had me doubt myself as a mother. The things I instilled in her beautiful mind has gone and slipped into a dark hole. A place where we all have been…love struck over a man! A man that has turned her against her family and her innocent goals. All her friends say she’s different and not the same person anymore and I hate to say but it’s true she’s not. She has put her dad and myself thru the ringer! We have been thru so much with her and not even an ounce of remorse. The things she’s done to disrespect not only her parents but her own self. Does she not love herself anymore I ask. Is the dick that good to blind you from everything around you? Does your friends not matter anymore? I’m so ashamed and disgusted by her actions that I have to let her be and let her learn the hard way. Good luck with your life my sweet daughter of mine, Mommy will always love you.