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Friday and so it begins

I called in sick because originally I had no sitter then the inevitable…. My dad had a stroke! So I rushed to the ER that’s 40 minutes away! The things going thru my mind were crazy. I love my dad. I’m Daddy’s Girl. He took very good care of me so of course I will do the same for him. When I arrived just looking at him helpless made my heart sink. After about 15-20 minutes later he woke up and he was speaking but very tired. The one thing that irritated me was HE WASN’T ON THE MONITOR! Geez the man had high blood pressure 200’s/100’s! and it was a stroke alert! For Pete’s sake! Wake up ER staff! Most tests done, all came back negative so now the MRI. While he went the family and I had dinner at the nearby restaurant to watch the NBA Finals Game 3! Warriors vs Cavs. It was a good game! We finished watching at the hospital in which my dad was transferred to med/surg unit for observation of his HTN & DM levels. I finished watching the game in his room with my step mom and then it was time to go. He looked very peaceful when I left. I pray for healing and strength.


At 7yo, Anthony sleeps with the #basketball bounces all around the house, goes to the court to shoot & wakes up with the basketball. #ballislife #basketballneverstops at my house. The #passion he has for basketball runs deep. #angel41510 my future #allstar my #mvp #mylilman 

My scent 

Ok I’ve never had a problem with anyone being allergic to what I wear or anything of that nature. I’ve been working in my department for the past 3 mos and NOW I get someone who is allergic to my hair product. It’s the same product nothing’s changed. So I haven’t worn it in a couple days out of respect and she’s still sneezing. I sympathize with her but damn really this is ridiculous! Now it’s my fabric softener! Ummm no I love my Downy Unstoppables and that’s not being changed. She needs to get checked! I’m annoyed! Ok done. 


As I get older I’ve learn to appreciate EVERYTHING! I’ve hated reptiles because they looked scary. Fish was another problem because my kids always brought them home from carnivals and they died the next day and we would have to have a funeral service. My daughter however had Beta fish for almost four years then he died. She was devastated!She didn’t want another. We got a dog! Sadly we had to give her up because my apt didn’t allow the dog since she was over the weight limit. Again the kids were heart broken. I gave it time before getting any animals. They’ve asked for a bird, a cat, a hamster, a guinea pig and even a FERRET! I was like hell no! Then recently my cousin who breeds english bulldogs asked if we wanted the last puppy because he changed his mind in breeding her because she had developed a cherry eye. I said sure why not. We got a puppy! The cherry eye didn’t bother me or the kids. My cousin had scheduled to have it removed since that was his plans. The kids and I had gotten so close to her and when she left for surgery we were so sad but as soon as she arrived she was the same spunky puppy. We love her to pieces and when I’m at work I always watch her through the camera I have set up at home. She is a lot of work just like a child but I don’t regret taking her in. She is a joy to have and always welcomes us with puppy kisses!


I dare you…

Most of you know I’m a single mom with absolutely NO help from my kids dads. I rely on NOBODY but my 3 parents! Yes 3 I consider myself lucky! I work HELLA hard! F/T job, school, & a few side hustles and a clothing line in the making. So for someone to fuck with my money… WE GOT ISSUES! My kids think I shit money! They think it’s ok to waste food and buy games with my credit card… ITS NOT OKAY! In fact it’s UNACCEPTABLE and I take it to heart cuz I sometimes have to scrape to get by! So you can call me mean or a bitch idc cuz you don’t pay my bills! Yes I broke Joe’s NBA 2K16 and took the PS4 away from Anthony for the summer! 
Time to get y’all education and cleaning skills in boys! This mama ain’t playing! 
DONE venting. 
#parenting #momlife #singlemoms

Erin Condren

If you ever decide to get a planner you should really think about getting the Erin Condren Life Planner. This is my second planner from EC and I’m so addicted. Everyone really gets into putting stickers and using markers and stuff like that but I can’t. It looks so messy when I have everything on there. Once my day is full I have no where else to put other things so it throws my day off. I know it’s big but i don’t care it works well for me and quite a few other people I know. Everyone keeps telling me to use my iPhone. Uhhh no I can’t I need to cross things off as I finish. I’m just that way. Get yours! #erincondren 

Welcome Home Brooklyn

We just got the newest member of my family! Her name is Brooklyn and she is a four legged English Bulldog! She is the cute little thing ever! We love her so much! She gets a lot of attention for now but I think she is having separation anxiety. She won’t drink her water or come out of her crate for a walk. I feel so bad. I know she still has to get used to us but come out & play Brooklyn we love you! #englishbulldogs #brooklynthebulldawg  


Being a single parent

Being a single parent can be so stressful. Whether you get help from the other parent or not it’s stressful. 

I’ve been a single parent since my 29yr old has been born. I was a teen mom struggling. Then I met my exhusband who was a drug addict, thief and manipulator! I had two kids with him. He was in and out of jail not giving a shit literally! So now that’s all behind him and he’s trying to do better, he’s been pissing me off with my kids and my sure you all can relate. #parentlife #momlife 

I keep it real!

Be real y’all! Being a single mom is not a pass for y’all to get FREE income! Get off that government shit and make your own damn money! Welfare ain’t the way out! It’s a stepping stone to get you started! To help you GRADUATE from your future career! 

April 1

April 1st time has gone by so fast. 19 days away from my youngest sons birthday. Fourth month of the year. A month before my birthday. This month is when my clothing line gets created. Ideas coming, friendships forming and when loyalty gets tested. Yes only way to go is up and forward.