Isabel Fay Products


Isabel Fay’s Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant is OUTSTANDING! Other lubricants are start of with in a gel like texture and if left on the skin it becomes sticky. Well not Isabel Fay’s! First the box arrived in a settle pastel yellow box and very discreet. The bottle is about 4oz which is more than enough and quite honestly you don’t need much of this lubricant about 2-3 pumps then again it’s up to each individual. The texture is wonderful. It’s smooth and it DRIES! No residue left over on your skin! I would totally recommend this product!

The Isabel Fay’s Sweet Almond Massage Oil  is light and absorbs through your skin. This is unscented but can you imagine if it was scented! The oil arrived in a pretty pink box and it came with a pump too! This is now my favorite oil!

Isabel Fay’s Coconut Oil for hair, skin & body is a wonderful product. It’s 100% pure natural coconut oil fortified with Vitamin E. I pumped a quarter size amount onto my hands and applied all over my body. It absorbed through my skin quickly and surprisingly no oily residue left over. You don’t see the coconut oil at all. All you see is your skin glowing. There is no scent to the oil. Can you imagine if there was? I also applied about 2 quarter size amounts on my hair (thick corse hair) and I kid you not my hair wasn’t frizzy at all and it didn’t look oily. So far Isabel Fay’s products are the one to chase after! I love their stuff and its perfect if you’re sensitive to smell.

Bonke Water Bottle with Infuser

This is the BEST infuser by far!!! My search is totally over for an infuser bottle! Everything I wished my other infuser bottles has this one definitely has it. i’m going to start from the outside of the 32oz bottle YES I said 32oz and work myself inside the bottle. The outside bottle has a rubber grip on one side and a rigged grip on the other. It also has a hook where you can hang with a parracord or hook onto your backpack or something. It’s a flip top with a metal lock probably to childproof? The infuser is removable and can fit about 4-5 slices of lemons inside depending on how you cut them. The bottle is SPILL PROOF! YUP! I’m not gonna lie but seriously Bonke is out there to take this infuser bottle to the top! This is pretty much an Infuser lovers dream! I get a lot of compliments so now I just direct them to  Bonke


Product Reviewing


I actually started reviewing products from my coupon buddy. She told me where to sign up and what to do and within a week I was already getting products to review and then I started to venture off to other websites and Facebook Groups. Soon after companies were personally contacting me to review their products. Product Reviewing is a job. Don’t do it just for FREE or 99% discounted prices do it because you want to see consumers enjoy products they’re interested in. Consumers depend on me to give my honest review on a product that they may potentially use or gift. You must be organized. Without organization you will never know where to store your products, when your reviews are due or when your products will arrive.